The Beginning of an Era

Have you ever made a choice that completely shaped the course of your life?  

About 8 years ago, I made a series of decisions based on the immediate gratification of "Yes, this feels like a good idea" without knowing how deeply it would shape my life and practice. In a series of seemingly random choices, I decided to study under the tutelage of a Master Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach to learn his techniques to facilitate lasting change in the lives of his clients through Law of Attraction.  Learning to combine trance, energy work, and NLP have deepened my practice and charted the course for the way I engage with clients.  

During this time, I also took a class through the Center for Spiritual Living that also engaged the Law of Attraction through the idea of "What we think, we create."  Through this, I began to uproot my subconscious programming and replace it with positive affirmations.  It's challenging for me to share just how deeply this impacted my life.  Affirmations are the beginning of everything.  We are always affirming one thought or the other, often not realizing that is what we are doing.  Done unconsciously, it's usually our unconscious programming (or the "stories we tell ourselves") that we affirm.  Used consciously, affirmations can break us out of those thoughts looping inside our brains and set us on a new path of a belief system that works for us, instead of against us.

The other seemingly more random choice I made that year was saying YES to a friend of mine who offered to gift me a necklace.  What I didn't know was that this necklace was made with materials collected in Egypt, and would trigger an alchemical reaction in my body, attuning it to the resonance in my heart (or my heart to it?) and deepening the insight I'd receive through my intuition.  Coincidentally, I started having dreams of Egypt, and began researching Egyptian mythology immediately after.  This decision ultimately culminated in a trip to Egypt in 2012, where I was able to go through the initiations offered by the temples, pyramids, and Sphinx.  In other words, I allowed my energy to be shifted by the resonate energy of those sacred spaces.  A life-changing trip, for sure!  

Indeed, all of these seemingly unrelated choices all brought me to the same place - Alchemy.  To me, alchemy is the inner process of changing that which is "base" within us into gold.  Facing and dancing with the shadow aspects of ourselves in order to fully integrate and be free from the restrictions of hiding.  Because when we hide, we hide the light as well as the dark.  Turning the dark into gold is a practice as old as time.  The Japanese filled the cracks in their pottery with gold.  Metaphor much?  We all have cracks.  We all have dark.  We all have deep subconscious programming that gets in our way that was probably unintentionally, and definitely unconsciously, put there by people we loved during our formative years.  We are meaning-making machines and when we were in our deepest learning stage as children, we provided the meaning to why someone spoke sharply to us, among other things.  It's a natural human trait.  The trick is to figure out the meanings we created and work around them.  

Too often, I've lived in "not enough" or "not worthy".  I imagine you have too.  It's time to shift that and realize how truly amazing each of us are.  Because, if it wasn't clear for the thousands of years before now, we need each other to be empowered and make choices from that empowerment.  That is truly the way to Make the World a Better Place.  

Such is the beginning of the Era of Alchemy.  I welcome you to join me.