Enter Self-Care

I am a big proponent of self-care, and even I drop the ball sometimes.  Sometimes I forget to have regular healthy meals and snacks, drink plenty of water, rest, and get time to exercise and go outside.  My body responds to this with loving feedback that it needs some time, sometimes in the form of exhaustion and an occasional cold.  This is such a time for me.  

I thought perhaps it would be enough to do a day of self-care to help restore after a busy week of committing to things that were meaningful for me.  However, I recognize how I didn't care for myself the way I needed.  A week later, I'm coughing and hoarse, and doing everything I can to "get back to normal".  Which, (this is where a check-in is helpful) upon closer examination, my latest "normal" hasn't been quite so healthy.  Aha!  Ok.  So, now it's back to creating healthy habits.  I thought I saw myself eating better, but I still was not eating enough.  My down time wasn't restorative.  And, the exercise routine that I started off with a passion a couple months ago had completely fallen away.  

This body is in need of some loving.  Stretching, massage, and more of the good food I've been eating.  Just taking a walk around my home would give me the daily dose of nature my body craves.  

This relationship with my body is a sacred one, and that's something I (we) often take for granted.  It's the only thing guaranteed to support me from birth until death in this lifetime, so it's in my best interest to nourish it.  

What is your body saying to you?  Listen close and develop a plan to meet those needs.