"I had my first session the other day. I feel like I am going to be able to navigate and create my path more easily with this guidance, these outlines, and great questions that help you think and process things. I am in a major life transition right now, and thought I could use a little help managing it all. I am really looking forward to the progress I see as I continue with this." - Caitlin

"I cannot begin to explain the LIFE CHANGING experience I have encountered since meeting Michelle last Fall! My journey with Michelle began when I was at the crossroads in my marriage…. I was unsure what direction it would be taking, and where my focus should be? Michelle has been a beacon of light and hope every step of the way for me. She pushes me to better myself, and challenges me to do hard things …. which is EXACTLY what I need (needed). I had been to a “traditional” counselor/therapist, which was a venue to talk things through/out, but I never really felt any kind of CHANGE, like I have after each session with Michelle. I can honestly say I would NOT be the person I am today (happy, confident, full of hope and promise, etc) without her help and guidance." - Tegan