Your Sacred Self


Your Sacred Self

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Learn how to nurture and deepen the most important relationship in your life - the one with your Self! Light the fire of true personal empowerment that can only come from within. What would you say if I told you that there is ONE thing that affects every relationship in your life; your ability to achieve personal, financial, and career success; and your overall happiness? Yep. It's true! And, that ONE thing is YOU! Or, more specifically, your relationship with YOU. 

Each week you will be emailed a segment. Audio, video, and document formats are all used in this class. A journal is highly recommended.

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What does self-love look like?  It's a bit of a broad subject, but when you break it down into things like self-respect and self-acceptance, you can start to get a better idea.  

Who do you know that has healthy boundaries?  They know what they need and aren't afraid to speak up for those needs.  That's self-respect.  

 People who are worn out, worn down, and burnt out are generally found that way because they are unable to set boundaries.  Circumstances aside, most people don't know how to set appropriate boundaries for themselves, or they are still figuring out what boundaries are appropriate to set.  Taking a good look at what you truly need to feel and be balanced in your life is the first step.  Acknowledging those needs, then being able to speak up for them whenever necessary, is the second.

 Who is it that you know that seems to not care or give a **** what other people think about them? They walk around virtually unaffected by the judgment of others. That's self-acceptance.

 Are you ever overly-concerned about what people may think about you?  Some feel they need to "put on a mask" or that they can't be genuine around certain people.  Negative self-talk, criticism, and judgment are also signs that you could use a little more self-acceptance.

** A journal is highly recommended for this class.