Your Sacred Self-tember!


Your Sacred Self-tember!


It’s all about YOU!

Learn how to nurture and deepen the most important relationship in your life - the one with yourself. The fire of true personal empowerment can only come from within: understanding, accepting, loving, and forgiving yourself. You’re the only one that has to be in your head, uniquely living your life, 24/7 from birth till death, so you may as well learn to enjoy it!

Join us in this online group class geared to assist you in supreme self-care, encourage a little divine introspection, and share some grace-filled tools to help you on the way to becoming your own best friend. Experience the love and support of this group setting!

$49/person for a month of lovin’

$39/person if you sign up with a friend

I choose ME!

This class includes:

a minimum of 3 live webinars

recordings of the webinars shared both in the Facebook group and via email

a weekly homework assignment

group love

Please be sure to:

have a journal

show up for yourself and others

be as honest and trusting as you can