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The Alchemy Love Coach

"Bridging the gap to world peace
one relationship at a time"


Life is funny. sometimes those things that break us also bring us gifts.
past trauma has helped me to be a better coach by giving me the gifts of perception, intuition, and empathy. the hard lessons i've experienced have been distilled into deep embodied learning which i share with students and clients, whenever it's appropriate.
It's important to me that each person i work with feels seen, validated, and supported. While i acknowledge their stories, i don't buy into them.


Michelle Edwards is a spiritual mentor and transformational LOVE coach. Her work focuses on healing and refining our inner world to create the outer world we wish to see. Gently intense, she helps people uncover and break down obstacles, bringing to light and transmuting that which keeps them from experiencing a deeper love and greater life fulfillment. Michelle takes pleasure in doing this “inner alchemy” work - illuminating the gold found within every one of us.

She specializes in the nuances of interpersonal relationships, the relationship with the Self, communication, community building, and discovering our place in the world.

Michelle has over a decade of coaching experience. She was mentored by one of the pioneers in "miracle mentoring" and modern-day emotional and energetic Alchemy.

After noticing her obsession with relationships, Michelle went on to study with the Gottman Institute, becoming a 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work Facilitator. This grounded and practical approach is complementary to the intuitive side of coaching. Her keen "Spidey sense" about relationships combines with natural step-by-step processes to create ultimate outcomes for her clients.

As an intuitive energy worker for over 25 years, Michelle is masterful in the context of holding big energetic, and emotional space. She is perceptive, humble, a natural problem solver, and someone who can sense what is coming from the head, heart, or subconscious programming. Michelle sees our humanity as a precious and beautiful thing, even when it feels the opposite, and holds high regard and a space of non-judgment for all who work with her.


As the Alchemy Love Coach, Michelle works with virtual clients individually and as a relationship unit. She also offers classes in person and online.

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