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The shine summit

Community nourishment for your radiant self

Polarized ideologies, chronic stress, trauma, pain, and loss have covered the landscape of the world we live in and many are still experiencing this every day.

As a heart-centered person, you are driven with a passionate purpose to make this world a better place, and you've been holding it all together to share your gifts with the world.

But let's be honest: shining your light and sharing your solutions becomes increasingly more challenging as your emotional threshold slowly diminishes. You can only do so much without tapping yourself out or going into overwhelm. The Self-Care you've been doing is just keeping your head above water.

It's time to dig in, fortify yourself, and expand into deeper self-care. It's time to restore and NOURISH - so you can make that impact more freely and effectively WITHOUT depleting your inner resources. What better way than through a community of love-minded hearts?

That's why I've gathered this heart-centered team of leaders and coaches - to encourage, inspire, uplift, and share their best practices when it comes to embracing whole-life self-care. Because Community Care ALWAYS includes self-care. 

Because the world needs all of us to show up brighter and stronger than ever. 
Because it's YOUR time to SHINE!

The shine summit 
october 2023

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the shine summit  
april 2023

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The SHINE Summit
December 2022

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Choose your pricing plan

  • The SHINE Summit December 2022

    • Watch the recordings of your favorite summit at any time.
    • Access to 12-16 hours of inspiring, heart-centered talks.
  • the SHINE Summit VIP

    • Unlimited access to ALL the SHINE Summits!
  • the SHINE Summit - April 2023

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