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Rewrite Your Relationship Story

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We all have relationship stories! They start off with our folks and the inner circle - which were foundational to our childhood. Then, they grow and expand out, weaving their way through our friendships, work environments, and even the way we interact with the cashier or barista. If unchecked, those stories can wreak havoc on our lives and leave us feeling unfulfilled. Rewrite Your Relationship Story offers you a chance to change the patterns that those old stories created. Taking a deep dive into those threads that intertwine one relationship to another, this class offers you an opportunity to cut those threads and create new stories that are satisfying and nourishing to you and in your relationships. Combining journaling, visualization, and some intentional energy work - Rewrite Your Relationship Story will help you get clear and create the relationships you long to have. This class applies to any relationship, past or current, romantic or otherwise. Bring something to write with and multiple pieces of loose-leaf paper.

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